Wednesday, May 23, 2018


It's so interesting how a group of people can be around the same things, colors, and environment, but each person will perceive those same things differently. This is known as introspection. Introspection is basically the different perceptions people have when exposed to the same thing. For my project, I decided to use this thought of introspection on colors. Here are my results:

Red is used to portray many extreme emotions such as romance, passion, and even anger. It's known to be a motivating typeof color, and it's known to be stimulating and assertive. People who like red are in touch with their emotions and the emotions of people around them. They tend to be very intense.

When people think of orange, they think of things that are warm or  happy usually because they think of the brighter oranges than muted ones. Orange is known to be a very enthusiastic color and a refreshing color in an invigorating type of way. People who like orange are very energetic and go-getters; they always like to be lively and happy.

A lot of people think that yellow is the happiest color, which may not necessarily be wrong, but it's most known to be a color of intelligence. Yellow is also known to show feelings of enthusiasm, confidence, and optimism. People who like the color yellow love challenges.

Green is a color of balance. It can either be a balance of internal emotions and internal equilibrium, or it could be an outward show of balance as things are birthed and grown. It can also show something that is very over-cautious and judgmental. People who like the color green are very loving and protective. They love when things in their lives are in a balanced state.

Blue is a color of security and responsibility. It's a very nostalgic color because it's known as a color that really likes to think and analyze. People who like blue are very calm, loyal, and honest to other people and to themselves. They are very good at communicating with people, and they love to contemplate over stuff. They hate change.

Purple and violet symbolize imagination and a person's extent of spirituality. They represent an inner balance of emotions and purple specifically holds a lot of power. People who like the color purple or violet are very in tune with their own and other people's vibes. They tend to love more than judge and are not egotistical, but the ones who love deeper shades of purple tend to become depressed more easily.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Roar of the Twenties

Hey there, my fellow historian nerds! Today I wanted to talk about the the Roaring 20's and how it contributed to the American dream. I wanted to talk about how the Harlem Renaissance and Flappers contributed to the American dream and how they have shaped modern America.

Before we get into all that, I'm gonna educate you on these topics. The Harlem Renaissance was basically a migration of African Americans to Harlem so they could pursue their artistic dreams which included acting, singing, and poetry, and this great cultural movement happened after World War 1. Harlem wasn't just a place of new artistic birth, but it was also a birth place of new found integration. You see, prohibition was passed in the 20's which meant it was illegal to consume alcohol. Because of rebellious alcoholics, bootleggers, events such as speakeasies were created, which were events underground where people could go and drink to their heart's content. Harlem was a famous place where these speakeasies would take place, and, because so many blacks lived in Harlem already, whites would go to these speakeasies and talk with the blacks-- and even dance with them! This was a huge blow to the Jim Crow laws which encouraged segregation.

The next thing we're gonna talk about is the birth of Flappers. When World War 1 happened, all the men were gone fighting, which meant women were in the factories making machines and war weapons. The women, in return, felt like they had worth and that they were more than just house wives and moms. When the men returned home from war, they got their jobs back, and women got kicked out of those factories. Women all across the country became furious because they knew they could be just as useful and efficient as the men were, yet they weren't given any consideration or were at the least bit treated as an equal to men. In response to that, they changed. Women wore shorter skirts and cut their hair. they started to drive cars and stay up past curfew. All in all, they rebelled. Flappers started because women knew they were just as able to do the same jobs as men do, and that they had the same rights as men do to work and get an education.

The Twenties is a birthplace of the modern American Dream because it's, to me, one of the biggest and most modern instances where people stand up for their rights and, in this case, their equality in the work force. I strongly agree with the articles and what they contribute to the American Dream because they both show the growth of interracial and gender equality which has impacted the way the United States is today.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hey, history nerds!

I've just  learned about the Civil War/Antebellum Era in history. This era screams American Dream. Now, most people think the Civil War was purely about the abolition of slavery, but it wasn't. It was about states rights and an effort for President Lincoln to preserve the Union. As everyone knows, the abolition of slavery was a product of the Civil War, and the Reconstruction Era was the aftermath of the Civil War. The Reconstruction Era was a huge boost for the American dream (especially and mostly for African-Americans) because this era allowed African-Americans the right  to go to school and to purse real jobs. They were finally "equal" to the whites. (Off topic, but I put equal in quotes because everyone is equal regardless of race, its just because of the reconstruction era and the 13-15th amendments that the whites could see that). This was such a big blow to the supreme court ruling in the Dred Scott case which stated that blacks were basically denied rights such as the right to vote whether they were in a free state or a slave state. Andrew Johnson was the president when this era started, and he started off by taking all the Union land from the military used in the war and redistributed it all to the free slaves so they could have a piece of land to call their own.  Also, he  allowed the southern states to rebuild themselves as they wanted. all males were now allowed to vote as well, no matter if they were white or black as stated by the 15th amendment. Even though there were horrible racial groups such as the KKK, that didn't stop history from taking its course because now all races are held equal, and that's such an incredible thing.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hey guys! I'm back with another blog about the American Dream. Isn't it interesting that so many of our personal American dreams originate from the colonists and what their original dream was? Speaking of which, what was their original dream when they set out to America: religion, money, freedom?

This is a particularly hard topic of question because, even back then the colonists had different ideas of the American dream. In the first article, they talk about how religion, according to John Winthrop, is the American Dream because that's primarily why they left England- to be religiously free.

In the second article, however, they talk about the multiple American dreams that the colonists would've had. They bring up topics such as a good economy and how the Founding Fathers described the presence of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

I personally think each region had their own goal towards their own American dream. New England was the sight of a flourishing religious ground where they can be free to worship as they please. The middle colonies and the Southern colonies boomed economically, especially with their productions of tobacco, indigo, and other food substances used as exports. The colonists all think of their own way to fulfill their own American dream, and they did pretty well. One thing they did have in common towards their American dream, a dream that even we have today, is the ability to be free and be themselves to their full potential, which is why there was a War for Independence.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hi there! This is my new post for my US History class. My theme for this blog is the American Dream. I chose the American Dream because I feel that America has lost its true meaning. We've sadly become very segregated, and we discriminate towards one another. America was founded because of the freedom to be yourself and to define who you are.

James Adams, the author of the article above, describes his view of the American dream being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He concludes that the right to work, achieve his dreams, and to have the liberty to be himself is the American dream. The people of England came to America because the King of England at that time wouldn't allow them to worship the way that they wanted to. So, they came here, not only for the freedom of religion, but for the freedom to direct your own path. Every person in America at that time had an immense drive to direct their own life and to become what they wanted-- to fulfill their own achievements and to make something of themselves. They made something of America and brought Her to the highest peak. But, because of the acts of discrimination, segregation, and a lack of a work ethic, American people have started to sink. Most people even solely rely on the government instead of getting their own job! We have started to make America blend into other countries; we don't stand out anymore. Most of all, we don't stand up for the rights and Constitution of America. People coming into this country are trying to change America. For example, freedom of religion is starting to go down because so many people are coming in and forcing different religions and cultures into the American life. Also, all of the Americans in the past have worked so hard to make America what it is, yet people illegally are coming over and not even having to work for anything. Some people even burn the flag! Where's the patriotism? We as American people need to stand up for America and who She was meant to be.

What's your American dream?